09 June 2011

Well, now I think it is Summertime. And maybe, for one last real time, there are no Big Boy jobs or responsibilities (or paychecks) or some of the fancy, lovely things that will be here next Summer.

But there are still bicycles, hikes, watermelon seeds, eating roadside strawberries, and learning this old new town again. And I am not alone!

07 March 2011


So, from what I can gather, there are a measly 4 "Followers" of this blog; individuals who, I must imagine, hunch desperately at their laptops, cup of tea in hand, waiting to hear what may be the next kernels of truth to pop out of this writer.

No truth, no kernels, only a "hello" to stop the gap between October '10 & October '11.

29 October 2010

Good morning, earth!

Waking up in dark
My heavy eyes are itchy
Driving before sun.

17 August 2010

Backcountry blogging

All is well in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness.

21 July 2010

So it was a little out of the way...

...but the City was ready for A, X, & B.

Bird by bird

We went to the LA Zoo last weekend and it was quite nice.

30 May 2010

Super Cuca's

I thought I'd toot my own horn, but I think instead I'll just toot.